About Iris

Iris Cruise

Named after a resilient flower, IRIS is a Halong Bay luxury cruise that caters to domestic and international travelers seeking a soothing retreat. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting Indochine culture, IRIS design is the intersection of nostalgic Asian traditions and French romanticism. If you are looking for the best Halong Bay luxury cruise, the five-star service found there won’t fail to capture your heart. Esteemed guests will enjoy culinary delights at open buffets, soak themselves in warm water while contemplating the bay’s panoramic scenery from the jacuzzi, or immerse themselves in unforgettable cultural activities in starry nights.

IRIS - A Beacon of Hope

To those who fall for Van Gogh’s artistry, you may not forget the mesmerizing blue hues found in his iconic paintings. Such a blue belongs to the resilient Iris flower, from which this cruise takes its name. Apart from embodying the essence of Van Gogh’s masterpieces, IRIS Cruise also conveys the spirit of love and hope.

Regarded as one of Van Gogh’s most famous floral paintings, “Iris Garden” is all about the blooming of irises on sterile land. While bright blue irises represent the will through thick and thin, a single white iris signifies the artist’s quest for self-discovery amidst chaos. Just like irises thriving in harsh conditions, IRIS Cruise carries the determination of preserving hope through any adversity along the way.

Together with that, Iris is the name of the ancient Greek goddess of rainbow, who is recalled as the symbol of the vast sky and ocean. From this myth arises IRIS’ mission: sending the hidden charm of Halong Bay through seas and skies so it can be felt in every corner of the world.