Iris Halong Cruise is where your journey begins.

About Iris Cruise

Iris Cruise is a travel company in Halong Bay that provides luxury cruises for tourists from all over the world. Carrying the mission of illuminating the charm of the bay, we make great efforts to ensure our beloved customers receive the best staying experience while being surrounded by rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture. Every product of Iris Halong Cruise is made with meticulous design, fine amenities, and tailored recreational offerings catered to satisfy diverse customer needs. Whether you are in search of Halong Bay day tours or luxurious accommodations for your Ha Long Bay tripIris Halong Cruise is where your journey begins.


Born and raised in Ha Long, I hold an unwavering love for my hometown, which never fails to win my heart with its mesmerizing beauty. As promoting the wonders of Ha Long to the world has always been my deep-seated passion, I decided to embark on a resolute journey: birthing a fleet of luxury cruises. I wish every cruise to be found with a heartfelt story highlighting a unique culture of Halong Bay, so every person setting foot there can fall in love with the alluring charm of Ha Long the way I do.

Our responsible engagements

We can only co-exist in this world if we aim to preserve. Time Flow is committed to responsible travel.

Community & Charity

We support local communities and businesses by partnering with them to sustain their existence with a responsible approach. We also support education – directly with our Cambodian school projects or via our charity partners.


The beauty of Asia lives through its unspoiled nature. Heritage Line does its part to protect the environment with an eco-friendly waste management system, elimination of single-use plastics on-board, and ships outfitted with state-of-the-art water treatment technology.


Centuries-old cultures, native costumes, local life, and natural landscapes all reflect the soul and identity of a country and its communities. We create travel with an eye on the conservation and protection of these priceless ethics and principles.